New Zealand is at Alert Level 2. Our specialised COVID-19 sanitisation services are here to help you fight against COVID-19.

We provide top notch cleaning services which you can trust

About Certifications

Professionally certified excellence

At The Clean Crew, we aim to provide top notch cleaning services that you can trust. We make sure that our team receives all relevant qualifications and certifications so that they are constantly improving their skills, and to give our clients piece of mind that they are receiving the best possible service, compliant with all New Zealand regulations.


Our procedures have been independently approved by Site Wise.


We consult with Employsure to make sure we meet all laws and requirements.


Our staff also receive Health & Safety training as part of their NZQA qualifications.

NZQA via Career Force

Our team members are all NZQA qualified, NZQA Infection Control trained. This training is important as it teaches our staff how to best manage cleaning in commercial and health work situations.

It ensures that all our work is completely spotless and fully hygienic.

Site Wise Health & Safety

Every year our practises are independently assessed by Site Wise to ensure we are meeting all health and safety regulations set out by
New Zealand law.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff, and ensuring we are doing everything to minimise risks.

Environmentally friendly

We are the first commercial cleaning company in
New Zealand that has achieved Toitū carbonzeroCertTM certification. We also only use eco friendly cleaning products that are 100% biodegradable.

You can trust that our superior cleaning methods provide the safest and healthiest clean possible, every time.

New Zealand Food Safety Authority

We are authorised by the NZSFA to provide professional cleaning services where food safety is concerned.

Storing & handling hazardous chemicals

Some of our staff have additional training in the handling of hazardous chemicals that are required in specific circumstances.

Height and harness

Some of our staff have the knowledge, skills and resources to work safely at height, and use personal safety harness equipment.

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