New Zealand is at Alert Level 2. Our specialised COVID-19 sanitisation services are here to help you fight against COVID-19.

We respect New Zealand's health & safety obligations

About Health & Safety

A strict code

At The Clean Crew, we understand how important it is to stay up to date with New Zealand health and safety obligations. We want to make sure we are providing a safe working environment for our staff, and that we are doing everything to minimise the risks of our work at our clients premises. To achieve this, we make sure all our staff are adequately trained and adhere to our health and safety policies.


Our entire organisation is certified by Site Wise. This means that our health and safety practices have been independently assessed professionals, and meet all requirements set out by New Zealand’s workplace health and safety laws.

The annual assessment covers an array of topics.

We also work with Employsure, who are specialists in the field of health and safety and workplace relations. Employsure provide us with support and advice about how to best manage our staff, and how we can create a safe working environment at all our clients premises.

Health and Safety Accreditation Programmes

Site Specific Safety Plans

Accident/incident reporting and investigation

Hazard management


Employee and subcontractor engagement

Health monitoring and performance

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