Black Quadrant Technologies

Black Quadrant Technologies (BQT) is the team behind our award winning AI powered auditing app, Convoy.

One of BQT's missions has been to democratise emerging technologies and make impactful products which help small and medium businesses to win. What has long been considered as the toys of the big enterprise, BQT packages emerging technologies into powerful competitive edges for their customers with an aim to win.

In today's fast moving world, technology is a powerful tool to affect serious change in business outcomes. With BQT's understanding and capability in tech, coupled with their pragmatic approach to solving problems, we were able to transform our business in more than one ways. Convoy, being the obvious prize, we underwent a successful digital transformation to become a truly paperless organisation. BQT not only helped us serve our customers better, but they also helped us achieve our own vision of a truly eco-friendly and carbon neutral company.

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