Tork began in 1968 when they launched the first disposable wipe which was designed to replace rags. This is just the beginning of their innovation journey for better workplace hygiene. In 1973 Tork launched their M-Box dispenser which was based on the coreless centrefeed system, which became the most used dispenser in professional hygiene for decades.

In 1979 Tork entered the washroom arena, offering a complete soap system called the S-Box dispenser which came with a range of soaps for different needs such as extra mild, heavy duty and hair & body.

Then came the 80s; Tork entered the US market using a Swedish heavyweight boxer in their marketing campaign to help create brand awareness. In 1986 Tork began using recycled paper for their disposable products; this was a first in the professional hygiene industry.

With a variety of 500 products, in 1987, Tork became the leading brand in professional hygiene. 1992, Tork became the world's first tissue manufacturers to start using Life Cycle Assessment in the research and development process.

Fast track to 2007, Tork becomes a billion-dollar brand with sales in 70 countries worldwide. Now they are the global leaders in workplace hygiene, completely dedicated to serving their clients needs the most sustainable way possible.

Below details how Tork operates sustainably for their clients and the environment:

Geothermal steam

Making steam is the most energy intensive part of producing tissues, which is why Tork has strategically located it’s tissue manufacturing site in Kawerau, New Zealand. At this site, Tork is able to access the unique properties of geothermal steam instead of gas-fired boilers for the production of their tissues. Through doing this, Tork has reduced their manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions by 46%.

Tropical Peatland Free

Tork introduced their Tropical Peatland Free policy in 2018, as well as a commitment to no deforestation, peat and no exploitation (NDPE). This was an effort in response to our worldwide growing climate change concerns. Tork is the only tissue manufacturer in the world who is NDPE committed.

Responsible & ethical sourcing

In 2014, Tork launched their Responsible Sourcing Program which focuses on using ethically sourced resources. In 2019, Tork launched their Ethical Sourcing Policy; this includes a commitment to no exploitation. 75% of Tork tissue products are now locally manufactured in New Zealand and Australia, which are both classed as low-risk countries for modern slavery, which is an unfortunate aspect of most foresty worldwide.

Tork has a large list of environmental accreditations, below is a low of these:
  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Blue Angel
  • Environmental Choice New Zealand
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • Recycled material
  • Tropical Peatland Free

With all of the above in mind, choosing to partner with Tork was an absolute no brainer. At The Clean Crew, we feel that Tork is just like us but a little older. We too are innovative and care for our people and our environment. We chose to become resellers of Tork products for you, not for us. Being a reseller means not only can we get you the best possible products around, but also the best price.

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