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Window cleaning services

The Clean Crew team will put the sparkle back in your windows with our exceptional glass cleaning services. We offer window cleaning, and pressure cleaning services for any premise, from multi-story buildings to offices throughout Hawke’s Bay.

Our staff utilize specialised glass cleaning techniques and tools which deliver streak free cleans without the need for harmful chemicals.

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Pure water window cleaning

At The Clean Crew, we aim to use the safest and most effective cleaning methods in your work place. This is why we use a pure water window cleaning system, which provides a cost effective, chemical free clean for your windows without streaking or spotting. This system gives the best results with minimal harm to the environment, creating a healthier clean for your work space.

Our pure water window cleaning systems works by filtering water through a DI (deionized) tank. This purification process is vital as it removes all mineral and particle pollutants from the water, meaning that when the water evaporates from the glass it won’t leave any trace deposits behind. The filtered water is pumped up through a high pressure carbon fibre pole and sprayed onto the glass through jet nozzles.

This long pole gives us access to easily clean windows and over 6m in height on any sort of building without breaching health or safety regulations. Any dirt or debris is rinsed away leaving behind only pure water which dries off naturally. No squeegees or other drying techniques are needed, and the result is crystal clear, spot free windows.

Whatever your cleaning need, we will work with you to provide first class, personalised cleaning
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