proudly NZ’s first Toitū
net carbonzero certified cleaning company

At The Clean Crew we are actively reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting what we can’t reduce by purchasing carbon credits which support our environmental vision.

We are doing our bit

When you become Toitū net carbonzero certified it isn’t a simple process of applying, paying and receiving. Each year we are audited to ensure that we are doing our absolute best to reduce our carbon footprint and keep on track with our reduction plan.

Our Objective to reduce our emission is rooted across the whole business – we have a 5% reduction target for Scope 1, 2 and Mandatory 3 emissions by 2023. Our summary of certification can be viewed here

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What makes up our footprint?

We measure and aim to reduce the following aspects of our business.


A large amount is our travel, which is something we have identified is difficult to reduce as our business grows in size. This is where the purchase of carbon credits comes in to offset the emission we cannot control.

Electricity Consumption

We are partnered with Ecotricity for our power supplier, solely because they too are Toitū net carbonzero certified and share the same values. This means we have peace of mind that the power is sourced from a renewable source, rather than the likes of a non renewable source such as coal.

Landfill Waste

We have partnered with Waste Management as their values align very well with ours. With a strong focus on safety, people and the environment, we believe Waste Management is a perfect fit for our waste solutions.

Convoy App

The first of it’s kind for the NZ cleaning industry

Convoy is a ground breaking app developed by The Clean Crew to give you the confidence of a quality, thorough clean every time. We developed Convoy to give our clients more certainty of an efficient cleaning service and to provide a better feedback loop between our clients, staff and management team. We wanted a more effective way of communicating with our clients and the ability to provide a consistent superior quality of service. Convoy was the answer.

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How you can do your bit

We believe that everyone has a role to play, whether you’re an individual or a business, there is always something you can do to improve your sustainability efforts. We have put together some simple tips you can use to begin reducing your footprint. Incorporate some of these into your daily lives to join the #netcarbonzero movement. We would love you to share your changes, email

Always opt for a plastic free option when the choice is there

Remember to bring your own reusable coffee cup, container or shopping bag when shopping

Turn off lights and power switches when you’re not using it

Choose to buy from environmentally responsible brands where possible

Switch to cold washing your laundry - you can save up to 220 kgs of carbon dioxide per year just by doing this

Use public transport, opt for walking or cycling when you can or you could try carpooling with work colleagues.

When you’re flying, fly economy. By flying economy it increases the number of people the carbon cost is split among. Did you know you can also opt to offset your emissions when booking your tickets online with most airlines?

Eat less meat and dairy products. The production contributes to 14.5% of the man-made global greenhouse gas emissions.

Buy local, seasonal and organic. The impact on our environment is much lower this way due to reduced transportation.

#netcarbonzero movement